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Top Acoustic Guitars under $200

Guitars in this price range are usually beginner friendly and their playability will enable quick learning without breaking the bank. A player’s first guitar should bring a cheerful and pleasant experience along with it.

The task of choosing a great acoustic guitar on a little budget without any prior experience or guide can be a daunting responsibility. So, if you are not so choosy and you plan to buy on a budget, the list of acoustic guitars below will be of great help to you;

  1. Jasmine S35

This guitar model is a product of the popular Takamine brand; the design has a select spruce top and at the back and sides, while chrome covered tuner is fitted with the board. There is a Rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets to allow for best playing comfort and friendly operations.

Beginners who have good interest in growing into great guitarists can consider the Takamine Jasmine S35 for their first guitar. There can be only more improvements from here on.

  1. Ephiphone DR-100

The Ephiphone DR-100 is designed with mahogany on its back, sides and neck. There is a laminated select spruce top on the instrument that helps with good sound production. It has a dreadnought body shape joining its Rosewood bridge; the tuners are made of premium die-cast, and all of these feature contribute to its great projection and sound volume.

According to the acoustic guitars review website, the quality of this equipment is great for the price at which it is sold for, the player would have nothing to regret if the DR-100 becomes the selected instrument.

  1. Rouge RA-090

This guitar has a dreadnought body shape as well, and the top, sides and back are made of laminated white woods. The body depth and width brings out balanced tones with credible projection which can be heard across the room where it is being played.

This instrument is very friendly for beginners, and will help improve their playing skills as more practice is employed. The price is as affordable as it can be for the quality which the RA-090 offers.

  1. Ibanez DV50

This instrument is a great piece for enthusiasts and beginners alike; it features a spruce at the neck and top parts made from Rosewood. It projects strong sounds that come clear and punchy because of dreadnought design.

These values that come with the quality of this acoustic guitar can only be a favour purchased for the price at which it is offered. Different playing styles can be learnt quickly with this instrument because of its easy handling and responsive operation.

  1. Fender FA-100

The Fender FA-100 has the popular dreadnought body design; and it has a laminate spruce top and basswood on the back and sides. The bridge is made of rosewood along with its fingerboard.

The guitar produces sounds with some depth and the tones are rich and vibrant; this instrument can be   used to play almost all styles of music. The finishing on the FA-100 is glossy and attractive, and it creates a comfortable feeling for the player.

Beginning with any of the acoustic guitars on this list will bring the best experience for a first timer who has only so much for their passion.